Monday, 19 January 2009

WI Result: I only needed to lose 2lb.... lose my first stone....but I lost 4.5lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday came around rather quickly! I haven't been 'Blogging' or on the WW's board much last week as I was feeling a little down. Not sure why, I am on my own a lot during the day so it may be that. I also didn't go to aqua fit - it was far to cold and wet. I also didn't do a great deal on the wii fit! BUT I stuck to my points and ate nothing sinful at all....which has shown!

As I was walking up the path that leads to the ww meeting I had a terrible pain in my back and not sure why, maybe slept funny or something, but as I was walking through the door I convinced myself I'd stay the same, mainly because I 'felt' heavy, if you know what I mean?

I stepped on the scales and saw it jump straight to 18st 2lbs. It didn't flutter about trying to decide if I was that extra 0.5lb heavier, it just stayed put on that reading, I was over the moon, I had lost my first stone! I stayed on the scales whilst the leader was chatting away to me whilst I just kept smiling at her, she must have thought I was on something! I felt like I was on something! She then told me to pick up a stone/pebble as a sign of losing my first stone. I also got another shiney, sparkly silver 7 stuck to my card :-)

I know I have a long way to go but at least it is one whole stone gone. FOREVER! No going back this time Samantha!

My next goal is to get into the 17's, I'm not to bothered when but would like to do it by 2nd Feb. So we will see....


  1. Aww well done. I always feel heavier just at the point of getting to a meeting, think its a little bit psychological. Congrats on gaining that stone (pebble!) xx