Thursday, 1 January 2009

A Fresh Start...


Ok so this my umpteenth attempt at losing weight, only now there is a bit of a difference, I'm not just trying to lose a few pounds to look good...I am aiming to lose nearly 10 stone. I know it is going to be hard because I have been here so many times before...

Only now, I am ill, I am a mother to 2 beautiful healthy children, I need to do it for them, my husband but most of all my long suffering health.

I am 5ft 1in and was last weighed at my weight watchers meeting on 22nd December, weighing 18st 12.5lbs..(I started ww again on 3rd November weighing 19st 4.5lbs - and I haven't been trying very hard, which is reflected on only losing 6lbs in 6 weeks!)

Over Christmas I have not been an angel and I am not throwing myself into it like I normally would..but this is a brand new year, and a brand new start.
I am weighed next on the 5th January 2009. I hope I haven't gained alot, but if I have then I have, I will fix this.

My aim's this year..
Try and totally ban chocolate again (I know this isn't recommended with ww's but it works for me, I work better under strict discipline, and last time I did this I managed 3 months...if I only last 3 months again then so be'll be 3 months worth of chocolate that won't be on my hips ;-)
To stick at things, I enjoy Aquafit & using my Wii Fit but get bored easily...I MUST stick with it!
And lastly to actually use the support from weight watcher boards regularly and stop lurking about! lol.

I shall be back soon, and will be following other ww's for inspiration. (My WW's id is: sammie167)

**** If I do not post on here...or the ww boards, PLEASE send me abusive emails telling me to get my fat backside back on here!!! really please do! ****


  1. Good luck Sammie! I'm sure you can do it :)


  2. Thank you both :-)
    I am so glad I started this x