Friday, 23 January 2009

Still going strong?!

So we are coming to the end of January and I'm still as focused as the first day, if not more.

Still counting points, watching what I eat, trying new foods etc. I also trying to do as much exercise as possible. Yesterday I went on the wii fit for just over 30 mins, this ws the first time in 8 days due to a sore back..Today I went on it for 1 hour!!! Half of that hour I spent on the step aerobics and managed just shy of 3000 steps.....boy am I aching now and I have to walk to school for the kiddies in a min!! Will have a nice soak in the bath to relax these muscles tonight.

As I mentioned before I am trying lots of different foods now and not sticking to the same things. This week I managed to get hold of WW's Tikka Masala, Nan Bread and Bagels...The Tikka Masala was gorgeous and Naan Bread was just the same as normal naan so you don't lose any flavour what so ever....however the Bagels, they were really really stale, I didn't enjoy them at all, and I have heard someone on the ww's boards mention this before. It's a shame because I haven't had one bad ww's product yet and you normally don't lose any taste. But these Bagels where just not enjoyable at all (they were well in date btw) Come on ww's you can do better than this!! :-)

Would love to lose 2.5lb this week to take me into the 17's, will have to wait and see, it was hubby's birthday Wednesday and I still behaved!!! I am trying so hard, harder than ever before, I think I will actuall do it this time ;-)


  1. Great to hear you sounding so positive!!!
    I hope we all keep going and stay motivated, there's nothing worse than seeing people drop off the wagon...
    Obviously, that's not going to happen to you and you're in the right mode, keep it up!!!

  2. Ta Sara! Yep I am positive. This is how I need to carry on tho. So many times before I have lost a stone or two then got 'cocky' with it if u know what I mean. But not going to let that happen this time!!! X

  3. Unfortunately I do know what you mean... I'm hoping this time I'll be able to avoid tricking myself into believing I can eat more and still lose the weight! Good luck to us both :) x

  4. Hallo :)
    Send me a "Day 4 Tracker"
    see my blog for details :)