Thursday, 28 May 2009

Well not been on here for a month and have some exciting news..

Last week I lost 2.5lbs, bringing my weight down to 15st 8lbs. I have lost 52lbs (3st 10lbs)
I will be receiving my 50lb loss certificate next week (couldn't get it on monday as bank holiday) and I am 4lbs off my fourth stone loss....and once I have reached my 4 stone loss I will be 4.5lb of the 14 stones... Which will be amazing!

I would love to lose a further 3 stone by Christmas, not sure if I will manage, but I will try!

I am wearing a size 20 now and alot of my old clothes are far to big for me :-)

We bought a Labrador puppy last week. He is little monkey but I am sure he will give me all the exercise I need! I don't go to aqua fit or anything like that at the moment as towards the end of the month I didn't have the money to go. BUT I am still using my wii fit as often as I can. That was well worth the money!!

I'd say speak soon but it will probably be another month. I hope everyone else is managing and if I can offer any advice it really is as simple as move more, eat less....I have really been enjoying Maryland cereal bars, which taste just like the cookies yet only 2pts per bar..and it satisfies a sweet craving. Also coco pops cereal bars.

Bye for now x

Measurements 29/05/2009

Chest = 45" -1"
Waist = 38" sts"
Hips = 48" -2"
Thigh = 23.5" -1.5"
Arm = 14" -1"

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Chest = 46" -1"
Waist = 38" -1"
Hips = 50" -3.5"
Thigh = 25" -2"
Arm = 15" sts again?!

Be back soon :-)


Sorry it has been so long. I just don't get time for everything :-/

So bit of an update..had a wonderful Easter, we went to Perranporth in Cornwall and stayed at Haven's Perran Sands. It was fantastic, best holiday ever. I did relax on the diet though, I ate Easter Eggs, I ate out at burger king etc...yet my weigh in was a sts then a 2lb loss but this week I had a 3lb gain, so I think it caught up with me..oops!

Yep a 3lb gain this first gain THIS YEAR!!I was gutted yesterday, especially as I am well known in class for my losses and when everyone asked how I'd done and I replied well, I gained could see their dissapointment, I felt I had let them down.

So this week I am hoping to turn it around and get it off for next week. I am now going to Keep Fit and Aqua Fit on Tuesdays (dragging myself there later!) I do the wiifit as much as possible although not been on My Fitness Coach lately..I will aim to do that this week! I bought a pedometer from weight watchers and would recommend to everyone! It tells you how many point you have earned yourself just through walking. I never eat the points I have earned through exercise/walking though.

I am still focused which I am pleased about after 4 months, I have normally let myself down by now.

I am 6.5lbs away from my 50lb certificate!
I have now lost 3st 1.5lb
I got into a size 18 last week :-) but I am still a size 20/22 mainly a 20 now though :-)

I will hopefully not leave it so long next time...ttfn

Monday, 23 March 2009

Progress So Far

Start Weight - 19st 4.5lb
Weight Now - 16st 5.5lb
Goal - 9st 5lb

BMI start - 51.1
BMI now - 43.2
Goal - 25

Start Dress Size - 24/26
Now - 20/22
Goal - 10/12

Total Loss to date 41lbs.
Aiming For 3rd stone - 1lb off. And 50lbs loss certificate - 9lbs off :-)
It's been quite a while since I last posted and I just wish I had more time to write on here and the boards etc. I am just feeling so motivated I wish I could share it and pass it on...but I have so much energy now I want to be doing things!

So I have had my birthday and Mothers Day since I last wrote, my Birthday was a lovely day, I had a French Fancy Birthday Cake in Pink - Naturally. I ate 4 Slices :-/ Although, I will point out, that was not in one sitting! We also went to a VUE cinema to see Marley & Me - very sad film. We went in the GOLD CLASS and it was brill, reclining leather chairs, waiter service...I also had a bag of maltesers - family size but only ate half a pack :-) and Also Toffee Crisp Popcorn - Gorgeous..but again only ate..well not even half a pack :-) I did get a diet coke but couldn't drink it!! So just drank my water...oh and before the cinema we went to a chinese on the quays. My Birthday fell on a saturday, so I only had sunday to try and make up points ready for weigh in on the Monday..I struggled, but still managed a 1lb loss that week.
I didn't really do anything for mother's day just the 'norm' but we had a fab day on Saturday, we went to a kiddies indoor play at Hyde called Slide and Seek.. I had about 6 goes on the slide and it totally worn me out but it was so much fun.
I have also invested in a pedometer and Satuday I managed to do 9500 steps!!!

So I think after our busy weekend it was only right that today when I stepped on the scales there was a 4lb loss!!! I was gobsmacked but thrilled.

I hope everyone else is managing to keep on the's a bumpy ride but it IS sooo worth it!!! xxx

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

wohoo managed another 1 hr on the wii fit. Couldn't do My Fitness Coach because I am really aching but going to have a crack at it tomorrow!

Hubby came home from work with a cadbury creme egg last night as a treat, I have been craving choch (totm) but he showed it to me as I was dishing tea out which was healthy fish in sauce, new potatoes and peas, so it seem so appealing then! But at the end of the evening having a brew hubby brought in the egg and I said I don't want it (I didn't even think about it, just said I don't want it!) and then he picked it up to eat, so I took it off him and squashed it into a fondant mess (he is also doing ww's..kind of...I wasn't just being mean lol) and said to him "There, now this won't be on out bums tomorrow!" I was so shocked but pleased with myself! I have never ever had this will power before. It's really strange but I am really pleased I did it, I went to bed feeling healthy, not guilty, depressed and sick! lol.