Saturday, 28 February 2009

Measurements 28/02/2009

Chest = 47" -1"
Waist = 39" -1"
Hips = 53.5" -1.5"
Thigh = 27" -2.5"
Arm = 15" sts

Will post again next month

Monday, 16 February 2009

It's WI time again....

Still not getting much chance to keep up to date with everything and everyone, The days are flying by!!

Anyway last week I really really worked hard. My aim was to lose 2lb so that I would get my 10%...I managed 2 days of exercise which I did by going on wii fit for 1 hour and My Fitness Coach for 15 mins. I could only do 2 days - I was knackered!!

I was so nervous stepping on the scales! But I needn't had worried...I lost 4lbs!! Bringing my weight down to 17st 3.5lbs :-)
Which means I have lost my 2nd stone and got my 10% today...

My BMI is now 45.6 which has come down from 50 odd!
My dress size has gone down to a 22/24 from a 24/26.
Also had an appointment with my doctor this week and she checked my Blood Pressure and the bottom one has come right down to 75!!!! It hasn't been this for years and years!!!

Now I am aiming to get into the 16's stones.....just 4lb to go :-)

Hope everyone else is still on the wagon!!!

Monday, 9 February 2009

WI Result..

..this week I lost 2.5lbs which I am pleased with.

Last week I didnt manage to do any exercise at all and have hardly had time to go on the weight watchers board and even my tracking went out of the window!!!

But I only need to lose 2lb for my 10% and 3.5lbs for my 2nd stone! So I am going to really try this week and aim to do the wi and "My Fitnes Coach" and aim for my 10%. I'm also going to track!!!

And hopefully I will get on the boards more!! TTFN.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I'm Struggling!!!

To keep up with everything that is!!

I went to weight watchers on Monday and was pleased when I steppd on the dreaded scales to read a 2lb loss! I am feeling really heavy as is nearly totm for me.

I am still sticking to the plan, I haven't cheated once and haven't had a single chocolate bar this year or any diet coke! I do feel tons better for it.

I have also been doing lots of exercise, although last week I couldn't do much as my son was off school all week with tonsilitus and this week I am starting with it AND my son is coming back down with it, so doctors for us this morning!

Monday morning we woke up to a lot of snow! It continued to snow all day long but by Tuesday it had all gone and some had turned to ice!