Sunday, 4 January 2009

OMG...It's Sunday and I've.....

...been in total control of myself!!

I have ate well, including trying out a ww recipe..butternut squash soup with red pepper and onion...which was yummy! (I normally hate vegetables...and soups!)
But also I have done 20 mins of aerobics on the wii fit!! I so hope I keep this up, I need to keep this fight I have in me right now, alive until I reach goal, which I know is going to take time.

Also I will mention that I did the body test on the wii and it says I have lost 1lb since yesterday!! (and yesterday I weighed at 7:30am, today I weighed at 3pm!!) My BMI has dropped from 50 to 49.something!!!) I can't wait for weight watchers tomorrow, I'd be happy with a sts to be honest as long as it is not a gain!

I'm also starting to get used to this blogging business I's hard to keep up with the blogs/board and group so please don't think I am being igronant if I don't respond to something.

Be back tomorrow with the WI result :-/


  1. Fingers crossed for a good weigh in! And congratulations on being so motivated :)


  2. that's fantastic news on congrats on keeping the wii fit up. I saw an ad this week for wii my fitness coach which is shortly due out - it's getting great reviews.

    Good luck tomorrow! x

  3. Thanks both.

    I can't wait for 'My Fitness Coach' Vicky, it looks really good.
    I am really aching today from the wii fit..I think it is the boxing part that done it! x