Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Things are changing....

...I have noticed a few changes lately, the first being I have really been enjoying my baths, and having them to relax rather than just to wash and get out again, and the main thing that has caused this is, I can get into the bath now, sit down, and I no longer feel 'wedged' in! I can't feel the bath squashing my thighs, or my over bloated belly staring me in the face like a mountain! I have so much more room. It's like heaven! I used to shower mainly and just bath every now and again, but not anymore!!

Also I have seen a difference in my clothes they are much looser now, which is great! Not falling off yet, but much much looser! And with that, I can actually see my body has changed I can kind of see for myself where the weight has disappeared. It is such a good feeling I can't describe it and that's just losing 20.5lbs!!

Today I have been on a new Wii game called "My Fitness Coach". This game is like a fitness dvd only you can choose your workout time and what area's you want to work on. At the beginning you have to enter all your details such as Weight, Height, Measurements etc, and it also asks for your pulse rate whilst resting and then it asks you to do 'Jumping Jacks' in sync with the virtual trainer for 2 mins (I was well knackered doing this, and will hold my hands up - I couldn't do it all!) then you put your pulse rate in again. You can also enter a goal weight. The game gives you a time table to commit yourself to the workout, I chose 15 mins Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I did some today and it was working on the upper body. I was much more achy and tired than when using the Wii Fit but I will continue to use to the Wii Fit on Tuesdays and Thursdays and try and fit some in at the weekend to. I don't want to commit myself to too much exercise but I am hoping by doing this bit extra it will stop my getting saggy skin when the fat goes!

I am still really committed to the plan and haven't cheated once! I am so surprised! When I have done ww's before I always have a 'treat' day which would basically just mean eating anything and everything for one day! But this time I don't feel the need to. I don't feel like I am missing out. I have been trying lots of new foods too, normally I am so fussy but I am really determined this time, I sooo have to do it! I do a menu for the week on a Saturday evening, normally after tea so I don't feel hungry. Then I do a shopping list of all the things we need for that menu for the week, I have found this stops us picking things up in Tesco's saying, "ohh, will get some of this...just in case". Going back to the menu...When I plan meals for the week I try not to have the same meal twice in one week, for example I aim to have a different breakfast everyday. It was a tip I picked up from a Weight Watcher meeting a very long time ago, and the leader said your body can get used to eating the same things everyday which slows down the metabolism. Eating something different shocks your body and gets it working again.....not sure how true it was but left to my own devices I could easily eat 2 rounds of Toast and drink a cup of tea for breakfast every morning till infinity. Well I did do for a good 20 years! And this is the best I have felt so there must be some truth in it!

Lastly, going back to the game I mentioned earlier, I was saying you have to put your measurements in, well I measured myself today and I have lost 4 inches off my bust, about 6 off my waist and some off my hips - can't remember how many. Straight after this I am going to do a post just for my measurements as I think I will stick to keeping track on the 'inch-loss' then too!


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