Thursday, 8 January 2009

What a difference...

..a few pounds loss can make..

Today I came on (sorry tmi!) I was so happy that 1) It kinda explains the 1lb gain yesterday on the wii fit maybe..and 2) I should be 'off' by the time weigh in comes around on monday.
For the past few months my cycle has been all over the place mainly being late. However this month it's back to running like clockwork..I presume this is also a sign and benefit of losing weight - even just a couple of pounds and normally I crave chocolate or any comforting food like mad! But this time I seem ok! Not craved anything like that once. I am so shocked!

I was meant to be going aqua fit tonight but going to leave it this week and just do some gentle jogging and exercises on the wii fit (but shall be giving the 'daily test' a miss!)

I have got some ironing to be cracking on with so going to get on with that now I have taken care of Yogi - my pet society pet on Facebook (highly addictive game based on an interactive pet..)
Finally seem to be getting back into normal routine now the kids are back at school, only 5 weeks till they are off again though! Not sure if I will be childminding during this half term, may just stick to term time only then I am getting some quality time with my own 2 little devils :-)

I am really starting to believe that 2009 is going to be a successful year for weight loss. I sure hope it is anyway. x

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