Tuesday, 6 January 2009

WARNING!! Contains pictures....

At 19st 4lbs.....

Very unhappy as you can see:

Start Weight 19st 4.5lbs
BMI 52
Dress Size 24/26

Being this big is making me very depressed, which is a little funny as being depressed got me to this size in the first place! I have problems with my back, legs and recently started to have iregular cycles. I am suffering with very bad skin, breathlessness, lack of energy and always tired!
I also have high blood pressure at the moment, normally over 96 (the bottom figure, I can never remember the top...its about 130 I think) and I have fatty liver disease! Apparently caused by being overweight and will only be resolved by losing weight. I dread to think what condition my heart is in! And it is very scary looking at these pictures...the size of me compared to my heart.....it must me working over time and under a lot of strain!

Anyway this is my fattest photo..will be doing some every time I lose a stone I think.


  1. Hi Sammie - that's brilliant that both you've taken these and posted them!!

    In a very positive way your at least seeing what you have to do and why... just keep visualisng not having those issues. I do really notice the effect just a few stone on in 2 years has made to my general fitenss and health so ti will soon come off for you.

    keep going xx

  2. yah.. Were the same weight :)

    Race ya? Lol

    Good luck with this year.. I need/ want to lose 10stone.. Bloody mental but It can be done :)

    Im lanabanana on ww boards if youre ever on xo

  3. Hey, we've all had to start somewhere. reading above was just like reading my reasons for doing this, breathlessness, legs aching, pains in my chest, unable to see/reach feet, no energy - on and on. But i feel so much better already (29lbs down) and am still raring to go! We can do this! Good luck! x

  4. Thank you all, it's so nice receiving positive comments, it really helps to keep me going.

    I too need to lose 10 stone lanabanana (cool name! lol) so...ya wanna race do ya?! (LOL!) We could definately keep tabs on each other..do you have FB?

    I set a group up on Facebook called ww's 8+ for people who want lose more than 8 stone..just for some extra support - the group is private if you would like to join all you need to do is click the 'request to join' on the right hand side.

    Well done on the 29lb loss Gemma. I'm glad it's making a difference health wise, that is definately something to look forward to, I am fed up of seeing the look of dissapointment on my docs face when bp is still sky high lol!

    We Can do this :-) xx

  5. Hi,

    Just seeing ur reply there on here.. Yeh i am on facebook.. Apologies if you have added me already as a few others have too!!

    Its Lana Jade Quinn on Northern Ireland Network

    ;) x