Monday, 23 March 2009

Progress So Far

Start Weight - 19st 4.5lb
Weight Now - 16st 5.5lb
Goal - 9st 5lb

BMI start - 51.1
BMI now - 43.2
Goal - 25

Start Dress Size - 24/26
Now - 20/22
Goal - 10/12

Total Loss to date 41lbs.
Aiming For 3rd stone - 1lb off. And 50lbs loss certificate - 9lbs off :-)
It's been quite a while since I last posted and I just wish I had more time to write on here and the boards etc. I am just feeling so motivated I wish I could share it and pass it on...but I have so much energy now I want to be doing things!

So I have had my birthday and Mothers Day since I last wrote, my Birthday was a lovely day, I had a French Fancy Birthday Cake in Pink - Naturally. I ate 4 Slices :-/ Although, I will point out, that was not in one sitting! We also went to a VUE cinema to see Marley & Me - very sad film. We went in the GOLD CLASS and it was brill, reclining leather chairs, waiter service...I also had a bag of maltesers - family size but only ate half a pack :-) and Also Toffee Crisp Popcorn - Gorgeous..but again only ate..well not even half a pack :-) I did get a diet coke but couldn't drink it!! So just drank my water...oh and before the cinema we went to a chinese on the quays. My Birthday fell on a saturday, so I only had sunday to try and make up points ready for weigh in on the Monday..I struggled, but still managed a 1lb loss that week.
I didn't really do anything for mother's day just the 'norm' but we had a fab day on Saturday, we went to a kiddies indoor play at Hyde called Slide and Seek.. I had about 6 goes on the slide and it totally worn me out but it was so much fun.
I have also invested in a pedometer and Satuday I managed to do 9500 steps!!!

So I think after our busy weekend it was only right that today when I stepped on the scales there was a 4lb loss!!! I was gobsmacked but thrilled.

I hope everyone else is managing to keep on the's a bumpy ride but it IS sooo worth it!!! xxx

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

wohoo managed another 1 hr on the wii fit. Couldn't do My Fitness Coach because I am really aching but going to have a crack at it tomorrow!

Hubby came home from work with a cadbury creme egg last night as a treat, I have been craving choch (totm) but he showed it to me as I was dishing tea out which was healthy fish in sauce, new potatoes and peas, so it seem so appealing then! But at the end of the evening having a brew hubby brought in the egg and I said I don't want it (I didn't even think about it, just said I don't want it!) and then he picked it up to eat, so I took it off him and squashed it into a fondant mess (he is also doing ww's..kind of...I wasn't just being mean lol) and said to him "There, now this won't be on out bums tomorrow!" I was so shocked but pleased with myself! I have never ever had this will power before. It's really strange but I am really pleased I did it, I went to bed feeling healthy, not guilty, depressed and sick! lol.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Exercise Results!!

Today I managed a whole 57 minutes on 'WiiFit' and a further 15 minutes on 'My Fitness Coach'. I was so knackered after it but pleased I pushed myself. I photographed my achievement on the wiifit..

I managed 806 spins doing the hula hooping :-)

..and 3200 steps on the free step under the aerobics section.

I am aiming to do some more tomorrow. I am really trying to lose 1.5lb this week for my next silver 7! So exciting!!! lol!

Monday, 2 March 2009

I'm still on the wagon!

Well, it has been a little while since I posted properly and can't keep up with everything, life is so hectic and time is flying etc!

Anyway last week I lost 1.5lbs at ww's and this week I lost 3lbs! I am in the 16 stones now. Weighing 16st 13lb..which if I told someone who doesn't have a weight problem, would just think omg how huge etc. But I am over the moon. Late December I was weighing in at a heavy 19st 4.5lb. I have now lost a total of 33.5lb and yes I have a long way to go but this year (since new years day) I have not had a week where I have sts or gained. Which normally does happen, it is like this time it really is meant to be.

I am still trying to exercise although I have started to slack. But I am really going to try and get back into it this week.

I would ideally like to lose 1.5lb next week for my next silver 7. Then I will be aiming to get to 16st 4.5lb...which will be my 3rd stone GONE!

I have found it hard lately and I did give in on pancake day and had one...but I suffered after, my stomach was in agony and felt like I had millions of knots! I haven't had any diet coke since 2008 and have very little chocolate. I am trying new meals from ww's magazines and handouts.

I am still feeling really positive and motivated. I think it helps that I have recorded my weight on my facebook status every week! I would hate to have to put 'gained 6lb' or something...which I could easily a day! lol but no, that was the old me.

I have so many comments from people to..a lot of people are noticing....that is a grat boost!

So this week I shall be aiming for that shiny silver seven!

I hope everyone else is managing to keep at it. It does work....the brain does needs to be taught :-)