Monday, 5 January 2009

Weigh In Result.......

....this week I have lost 1/2 a pound!

It could have been a gain but I was slightly dissapointed I think due to the fact that I have been on wii fit every day and it has so far given a loss of 4lb in 4 days! think I may stop doing the body test everyday and just do training until next monday.

I went on the wii fit again this morning and did aerobics, boxing and jogging, I am really aching so bad now and only did anout 20 mins (was rushing around getting kids ready for 1st day back at school :-))

I am going to measure myself everywhere later and take a 'Before' photo to post up on here then will do the same thing every month or so.

Sam x


  1. Hey, congrats with the loss and with all the training!
    My exercise bike also tells me I have burned incredible amounts of calories, I know it's a lie!!!

    Look forward to seeing the pics :)

  2. Thanks Sara, Are your legs really hurting? My arms are so sore...think I overdid the boxing must have been thinking of something negative lol!

    I won't put pics on before tea time lol!! I may make you ill! x

  3. Nah, don't think I've been going at it hard enough... I have an absolute aversion to pain, lol!