Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Better Late Than Never...

...WI Result was yesterday and I am ever so pleased to announce I have lost 4lb :-)
Which takes me into the 17's yay! I feel great, so much better than I have for months!

I was actually saying to my husband the other day how it has been ages since I was last ill (I normally catch everything!) however, I jinxed myself and am suffering today with, I think, a cold. Feeling Hot and Cold (nearly broke into a song then :-P) and very lifeless :-(

I don't know whether I am coming or going at the moment on the internet (hence the late WI post) I am obsessed with Pet Society, I am trying to keep an eye on the ww boards, FB Groups and Challanges, keep this updated and keep an eye on my eBay stuff....then I get side tracked with pictures people have uploaded on FB or searching for things I don't really need on eBay! Also my little boy has been poorly with tonsilitus and I have started shutting the laptop down early in the night and not spend all my time on it (I can easily sit on here all day and night) so that I can properly relax, so I do apologize for not updating this often or FB groups.

I hope every one is still on the wagon!!! And if anyone ever needs to talk please feel free to drop me an email or message me through facebook :-) I don't mind, and I will reply as soon as poss! I get my emails through to my phone anyway so I can normally reply straight away.

Good Luck to everyone xxx


  1. Youre doing great!!! & you are beating me :) Im still in 18's, weightloss is well slow from when i Started end of august..

    keep up the good work x

  2. Thanks Lana, I don't even know what's doing as normally when I have done ww's (many, many times) before, I lose 6lb or so the 1st week then it slows down to a pound or two! The only differnce I can think of is I am moving more, on the wii fit and cleaning all the time. lol.

    We will do it, you keep at it to hun xx