Wednesday, 14 January 2009

What on earth...

..has got in to me?!

I did 45 minutes on the wii fit yesterday and 30 minutes today!! O.M.G! - This is truly nothing like me at all, and my house is organized and clean and tidy :-)
So anyway, yesterday on the wii fit I did a couple of yoga exercises, muscle workouts, hool-a-hoop'ing and then 20 minutes 'freestyle' step aerobics which I did whilst watching Celeb Big Bro live on E4 haha! And then today I did some more yoga but different ones from yesterday and some muscle ones and then some more step aerobics. I did long distance jogging but by the end of the 5 minutes it was not a pretty sight! The jogging is so bloody hard!

We have seen 2 really intresting tv programmes this week, the first one was 'my half ton son' he weighed 60 stone and his life was, well he didn't have one. And then yesterday we watched extreme slimmers and again people were needing to lose 20 odd stone etc, and looking at them before they slimmed and seeing how dreadful their lives came and it was just 'food' that did this, not drugs/drink/smoke etc, it's an addiction you can't 'give up' totally and I think that is why it is so hard, with other addictions such as drugs/drink/smoke (which very luckily I have never done any...I only drink xmas! and thats bicardi breezers lol!) you can give those up and ignore the fact they even exist on the planet. And most people wouldn't dream of offering a double whiskey to aa recovering alcholic so why do people seem to think it's ok to tempt dieters with bad foods?!
Anyway back to the tv programmes (sorry I went off on one then!) they really made us (me and hubby, he is also doing weight watchers with me...not attending classes though just eating the same) think about what can happen, and like has been said so many times before, it is so easy to put on, just look at claire sweeneys programme last week 'my big fat diet' she GAINED 2 stone in 6 weeks!!! And it come back off in 6 weeks? Nope!

I am going to aqua fit tomorrow too so may give the wii fit a mis or do it for just 15 mins or so. Looking forward to Monday, really hope I have lost the 2 lbs I need to get rid of to get to my 1st stone off :-)


  1. Wow, you're doing great, its good to hear that you're enjoying the exercise, it is good once you get into it. Good luck for WI Monday xx

  2. congrats on the exericse and use of the wii - it's so hard to sticking to it so you deserver that pat on the back.

    clare sweeney was def an eye opener - amazing how one week fo treasts turns inot more - no wonder we are all doing WW!!