Wednesday, 4 March 2009

wohoo managed another 1 hr on the wii fit. Couldn't do My Fitness Coach because I am really aching but going to have a crack at it tomorrow!

Hubby came home from work with a cadbury creme egg last night as a treat, I have been craving choch (totm) but he showed it to me as I was dishing tea out which was healthy fish in sauce, new potatoes and peas, so it seem so appealing then! But at the end of the evening having a brew hubby brought in the egg and I said I don't want it (I didn't even think about it, just said I don't want it!) and then he picked it up to eat, so I took it off him and squashed it into a fondant mess (he is also doing ww's..kind of...I wasn't just being mean lol) and said to him "There, now this won't be on out bums tomorrow!" I was so shocked but pleased with myself! I have never ever had this will power before. It's really strange but I am really pleased I did it, I went to bed feeling healthy, not guilty, depressed and sick! lol.

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  1. Well done, I couldnt have squashed a creme egg I love them too much! lol

    Well done on the exercise too.