Monday, 2 March 2009

I'm still on the wagon!

Well, it has been a little while since I posted properly and can't keep up with everything, life is so hectic and time is flying etc!

Anyway last week I lost 1.5lbs at ww's and this week I lost 3lbs! I am in the 16 stones now. Weighing 16st 13lb..which if I told someone who doesn't have a weight problem, would just think omg how huge etc. But I am over the moon. Late December I was weighing in at a heavy 19st 4.5lb. I have now lost a total of 33.5lb and yes I have a long way to go but this year (since new years day) I have not had a week where I have sts or gained. Which normally does happen, it is like this time it really is meant to be.

I am still trying to exercise although I have started to slack. But I am really going to try and get back into it this week.

I would ideally like to lose 1.5lb next week for my next silver 7. Then I will be aiming to get to 16st 4.5lb...which will be my 3rd stone GONE!

I have found it hard lately and I did give in on pancake day and had one...but I suffered after, my stomach was in agony and felt like I had millions of knots! I haven't had any diet coke since 2008 and have very little chocolate. I am trying new meals from ww's magazines and handouts.

I am still feeling really positive and motivated. I think it helps that I have recorded my weight on my facebook status every week! I would hate to have to put 'gained 6lb' or something...which I could easily a day! lol but no, that was the old me.

I have so many comments from people to..a lot of people are noticing....that is a grat boost!

So this week I shall be aiming for that shiny silver seven!

I hope everyone else is managing to keep at it. It does work....the brain does needs to be taught :-)

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