Monday, 23 March 2009

It's been quite a while since I last posted and I just wish I had more time to write on here and the boards etc. I am just feeling so motivated I wish I could share it and pass it on...but I have so much energy now I want to be doing things!

So I have had my birthday and Mothers Day since I last wrote, my Birthday was a lovely day, I had a French Fancy Birthday Cake in Pink - Naturally. I ate 4 Slices :-/ Although, I will point out, that was not in one sitting! We also went to a VUE cinema to see Marley & Me - very sad film. We went in the GOLD CLASS and it was brill, reclining leather chairs, waiter service...I also had a bag of maltesers - family size but only ate half a pack :-) and Also Toffee Crisp Popcorn - Gorgeous..but again only ate..well not even half a pack :-) I did get a diet coke but couldn't drink it!! So just drank my water...oh and before the cinema we went to a chinese on the quays. My Birthday fell on a saturday, so I only had sunday to try and make up points ready for weigh in on the Monday..I struggled, but still managed a 1lb loss that week.
I didn't really do anything for mother's day just the 'norm' but we had a fab day on Saturday, we went to a kiddies indoor play at Hyde called Slide and Seek.. I had about 6 goes on the slide and it totally worn me out but it was so much fun.
I have also invested in a pedometer and Satuday I managed to do 9500 steps!!!

So I think after our busy weekend it was only right that today when I stepped on the scales there was a 4lb loss!!! I was gobsmacked but thrilled.

I hope everyone else is managing to keep on the's a bumpy ride but it IS sooo worth it!!! xxx

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