Monday, 9 February 2009

WI Result..

..this week I lost 2.5lbs which I am pleased with.

Last week I didnt manage to do any exercise at all and have hardly had time to go on the weight watchers board and even my tracking went out of the window!!!

But I only need to lose 2lb for my 10% and 3.5lbs for my 2nd stone! So I am going to really try this week and aim to do the wi and "My Fitnes Coach" and aim for my 10%. I'm also going to track!!!

And hopefully I will get on the boards more!! TTFN.


  1. Well done, good luck for your 10% and 2nd stone xx

  2. It's easy to lose track when things get busy, and fall back into bad habits, but you've done great losing 2.5lbs! Well done :)

  3. Thanks Gemma! I can't wait for Monday to find out!! lol x

    Thanks Sara, it easy to lose track and eve though I didn't eat unhealthy I felt so grubby! Must have been the lack of exercise, weird init! x