Thursday, 28 May 2009

Well not been on here for a month and have some exciting news..

Last week I lost 2.5lbs, bringing my weight down to 15st 8lbs. I have lost 52lbs (3st 10lbs)
I will be receiving my 50lb loss certificate next week (couldn't get it on monday as bank holiday) and I am 4lbs off my fourth stone loss....and once I have reached my 4 stone loss I will be 4.5lb of the 14 stones... Which will be amazing!

I would love to lose a further 3 stone by Christmas, not sure if I will manage, but I will try!

I am wearing a size 20 now and alot of my old clothes are far to big for me :-)

We bought a Labrador puppy last week. He is little monkey but I am sure he will give me all the exercise I need! I don't go to aqua fit or anything like that at the moment as towards the end of the month I didn't have the money to go. BUT I am still using my wii fit as often as I can. That was well worth the money!!

I'd say speak soon but it will probably be another month. I hope everyone else is managing and if I can offer any advice it really is as simple as move more, eat less....I have really been enjoying Maryland cereal bars, which taste just like the cookies yet only 2pts per bar..and it satisfies a sweet craving. Also coco pops cereal bars.

Bye for now x

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  1. Good to see an update. Well done on your 50lb loss! You are doing wonderfully. Think you could definately pull another 3 stone loss for the end of the year. 7lbs a month is very achievable, specially as you know what you're doing. =)