Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Sorry it has been so long. I just don't get time for everything :-/

So bit of an update..had a wonderful Easter, we went to Perranporth in Cornwall and stayed at Haven's Perran Sands. It was fantastic, best holiday ever. I did relax on the diet though, I ate Easter Eggs, I ate out at burger king etc...yet my weigh in was a sts then a 2lb loss but this week I had a 3lb gain, so I think it caught up with me..oops!

Yep a 3lb gain this week..my first gain THIS YEAR!!I was gutted yesterday, especially as I am well known in class for my losses and when everyone asked how I'd done and I replied well, I gained 3lb...you could see their dissapointment, I felt I had let them down.

So this week I am hoping to turn it around and get it off for next week. I am now going to Keep Fit and Aqua Fit on Tuesdays (dragging myself there later!) I do the wiifit as much as possible although not been on My Fitness Coach lately..I will aim to do that this week! I bought a pedometer from weight watchers and would recommend to everyone! It tells you how many point you have earned yourself just through walking. I never eat the points I have earned through exercise/walking though.

I am still focused which I am pleased about after 4 months, I have normally let myself down by now.

I am 6.5lbs away from my 50lb certificate!
I have now lost 3st 1.5lb
I got into a size 18 last week :-) but I am still a size 20/22 mainly a 20 now though :-)

I will hopefully not leave it so long next time...ttfn


  1. :( I hate gains.. I gained last week which was a first- and im pretty dam gutted.. just feel like it has slowed down.. you are doing amazingly well!! I am on a 60lb loss but it has taken me 8 months! You are on nearly the same in 4.. how many points are u on? and are u super strict? do u ever drink at weekends? I find if i have drink.. it 2 steps forward 10 steps back..

    having a bad week... weigh in tomorrow :(

  2. It's worse when it's the first gain isn't it? Especially if you've been having some pretty darn well! And thank you I am proud of myself BUT also scared that the gain is going turn into lots of gains even though I am eating well :-/
    Well Done on losing 60lbs!!! Did you get your 50lb certificate? What did that feel like? I am 6.5lbs off 50lbs :-)
    I am 24 points and I do stick to 3 main meals and I try not to snack but will have a yogurt after dinner so I don't feel deprived. I don't drink at all, which is lucky, I just don't enjoy it, I drink socially but only at xmas! I have found if I do alot of exercise (wiifit) I have a good loss...upto 4lbs. Hope the weigh in went ok?! x